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Balboa 54161 PCB 2000 Value System

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Balboa 54161 PCB 2000 Value System

Code: BAL-54161-BS

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Duplex Digital and Super Digital/M-1 Replacement Boards

This board requires a 120v power supply and can work with any DuplexDigital. It is found on the Balboa M-1 system. The following topside(s) are compatible with the above circuit board: 58-138-1142, 58-138-1143, 58-138-1144, 58-138-1145, 58-138-1146, 58-138-1147, 58-138-1148, 58-138-1149

Balboa circuit boards are marked with a "Chip Number" that is located on a white label placed on the logic chip near the center of the board. Just because boards may look similar the programming may not allow it to work properly in all applications.

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