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Fiberstars 6004 Metal-Halide Illuminator 4-Position Color Wheel

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Fiberstars 6004 Metal-Halide Illuminator 4-Position Color Wheel

Code: FIB-6004-BS

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The Fiberstars Metal-Halide Illuminator is designed for fiber-optic lighting, and is built with a four-position color wheel featuring White, Blue, Green, and Magenta color options. Made with high-impact outdoor-grade polycarbonate for weather-resistance and enhanced durability, the Metal-Halide Illuminator is built to last. It accepts a fiber capacity of 450 strands and boasts a lifespan of 6000 hours, on average. Running on 120VAC and consuming 200 watts, is has a cool down/re-strike period of 2-3 minutes and includes a toggle switch for on/off control.

  • Four position color wheel: white - blue - green - magenta
  • Enclosure: High-Impact Outdoor Grade Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation: 110 ft3 /min.
  • Acoustic Rating: 50dB (A)
  • Maximum Fiber Capacity: 450 strand capacity
  • Voltage Requirement: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 200 Watts Max
  • Current Load: 4.4 amps
  • Color Temperature: 4300 Degrees K

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