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Major Pool Supplies has carved a niche as a reliable online store for retailing the finest range of pool covers. These industrial pool covers are designed to protect your pool and ensure minimal evaporation. If you want to make your pools safer and cleaner, explore our range of pool covers in a few clicks.
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Winter Pool Covers

Major Pool Supplies offers winter pool covers for your swimming pool. The covers help in keeping the pool clean keeping it away from twigs and leaves from falling into it....

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Solar Covers

Just like the greenhouse effect, these solar blankets from MajorPoolSupplies act as an absorbent of heat up to 15 and then repel the rest. They are constructed with virgin vinyl...

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Leaf Nets Covers

Provide a new dimension to your pooling systems with the new Leaf Nets Cover from MajorPoolSupplies. These are made up of exceptionally durable, woven material that is extremely light weight. It prevents any kind of contamination...

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Safety Covers

Give your pool the ultimate protection with the new safety covers from MajorPoolSupplies. It does not allow any kind of dirt, dust or silt inside. Also, the Enviro-Mesh Cover comes with an inner silver coating that...

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Cover Accessories

Provide your pool with a range of covers and accessories from MajorPoolSupplies. These are a complete array of products that take care of the complete pooling system from every nook to every corner. They adhere to...