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Pool Pump Motors are one of the top pool items, which are retailed by America’s topmost online store – Major Pool Supplies. Our webstore has procured pool pump motors, which are ideal to be used in most shaft replacement assignments. These pump motors ensure minimal damage to the shaft in such similar activities.
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Swimming Pool Pumps

We all know the importance for cleaning our swimming pools for our wellbeing and keeping away with infections. Thus the pool pumps and motors are responsible for the flow of water, filtering...

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Single Speed Pumps

Apart from the pool itself there are other things that keep it clean or safe for you to swim. The pool pumps and motors do just that, keeping the swimming pool away...

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High Head Pumps

Pumps and motors are important for maintaining a better environment of the pool. A clean pool not only provides with a clean water but it also keeps us away from all the infections...

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Pool Pump Parts & Accessories

To keep your swimming pool clean and away from all kinds of infections, Major pool Supplies offers a wide range of parts for different Pool Pumps & Motors available in the market....

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Pump Motors

Get high quality and energy efficient pump motors for your swimming pools and waterfall pumps here at Major Pool Supplies. Each of the pump motors in our collection are designed for reliability and performance. Our high...

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Medium Head Pumps

Most suitable for high water flow and long pipe runs, choose this medium-head pump for 100% efficiency and easy operations in harsh mining, construction and sewerage activities! Here you can find the best of brands like...