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We have been in the aquatic and swimming pool industry for over 25 years in every possible aspect, not just the parts and service sectors. You will not find anyone with more practical pool and spa experience than us! We are experienced in design, building and every conceivable component. We understand pools and all of its parts and possible challenges.

On the building side of the industry, we found it challenging to get all the products and parts we needed for our projects in one place. We were always calling around placing orders and searching other market places to fill our orders. Finding someone at the counter who understands the products was nearly impossible.

We wanted to put our 25 years of pool experience into one place where you can find virtually everything you could ever need or want at a great price. We created this site so to help you choose the right product for your needs and NOT buy a lot of things you may never use.

From our experience, you might never imagine how many "professionals" would suggest strapping on a monster 3HP pump onto an average pool and filter system believing that a bigger pump would produce a more efficient and cleaner pool. This could not be more inaccurate! Without proper balance you will find that your power bill goes up as much as $1,500,00 per years (depending on region and run times), the filter elements blow out from the over powered pump and the bearing in the motor go out prematurely from the stress of running on undersized plumbing… I could go on and on. The point is that buying the right products that are not only balanced with your existing system but meets the needs for which you intend to purchase it is a vital element in deciding where you buy your parts and supplies and what advise you listen to.

Our goal is to HELP YOU spend your money wisely even if it means we wind up making a smaller sale. At YOU come first, profits and business come second and we really mean it!

We are an interactive company so if you have a suggestion to help us serve you better, please speak up.

With all our heart, we sincerely THANK YOU for visiting our site!