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Every product purchased through come with a manufacturer's warranty. If your product becomes defective within the warranty period, please follow the instructions in the warranty packed contained inside the packing of the product/s. does not directly warranty any item that we sell. All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer. The purchaser and/or end user hereby holds harmless and indemnifies, its affiliates, associates and employees from any loss whatsoever. hereby disclaims any liability for loss, injury or damage of any kind whatsoever arising from any products purchased through us or advise received from us.

In general, most all manufacturers will warranty their products for defects in materials and workmanship and will cover replacement or repair of the item purchased but do not cover any damage or loss that their defective product causes. The manufacturers do not cover labor and do not reimburse you for the inconvenience, loss of work or any other miscellaneous expenses.

Any shipping charge in connection with having the product in question warranteed is the responsibility of the purchaser. You will have to incur these charges. The warranty usually covers only the original purchaser and does not transfer to anyone else.

The manufacturer's warranty usually begins on the date you purchased the product proven with your purchase receipt.