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Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps: Keeping your pool sparkling clean made easy!

STA Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps While we enjoy the pleasure of diving in a pool, we cannot ignore the importance of maintaining its hygiene to avoid any waterborne disease or skin infection. Pool cleaning doesnt have to be as cumbersome as you think! Different pools have different maintenance requirements. However, the common hassle is routine care maintaining clean, clear and healthy water. No matter if you rely on professional services for installing, maintaining and replacing the cleaning equipment, you still need to know a few things to ensure your pool stays in a hygienic condition. Revealed: Maintaining Pristine Clear Pools is easy! The biggest challenge arises when the pool owners have...Read More

Understanding the SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring

SPX1500P Strainer CoverO-Ring The SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring is a specially engineered to be used with the selected varieties of Hayward pumps and filters. It weighs 2.4 pounds and comes complete with a high quality pump lid O-ring. A strainer Cover O-Ring is one of themost important parts of any pool equipment that basically acts as a seal to prevent the water from entering the equipment. These mechanical devices are also important for quieter and smoother operation of your pool pump or filter. It also ensures full-flow hydraulics in order to facilitate greater flow involving lower cost ofoperation. What is an O-ring? An O-Ring is found in almost all pool equipment like pumps, valves, h...Read More

Pool Heaters and Accessories - A Must Have Pool Equipment

Pool Heaters and Accessories- Why to leave your swimming hobby as the season changes to winters? Now enjoy all the pleasures of your swimming pool by installing best pool heaters offered in the market today. These water heaters are the most important pool accessory that is particularly intended to make the temperature comfortable in every part of the year. How Does The Pool Heaters Work? The most common fuels used to start these heating systems include electric, natural gas, solar and propane. It burn fuel to generate heat, that heat is passed through the heat exchanger and then into the water drawn from the swimming pool. Hence, then raising the overall temperature. Types of Pool Heaters a...Read More

Everything about Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve 263028

Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve 263028 Tired of the unwanted blockages and leakages in pipelines around you? Or looking for an easy way to divert the new pipelines towards your home? If yes, your search is over. Choose the Pentair 3Way PVC Valve 263028 from Major Pool Supplies and ensure excellent flow. Easy to install and effortless to use, these Pentair actuators are perfect solution for fully automatic valve operations. What is 3-way Valve? A 3-way Valve is manufactured to make diverting, shut-off, or mixing application functions easy. This superior performingdiverter valve can be operated by hand or with a motorized valve actuator. It is intended to regulate (limit) water flow coming out of t...Read More