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If you have a dial gauge, seldom it becomes worn from within, as the depreciation of indicating values provokes it to drop sensitivity over time. This article will help you to choose the next dial replacement pin gauges that perfectly match with your machine that holds the dials.


The Hayward Boxed Pressure Gauge is a great invention for top quality Hayward Filters. It comes with dial replacement as well. The model ECX2712B1 is compatible with the Hayward Perflex Extended-cycle filters that includes the models such as EC65, EC65A, EC75 and EC75A. Also, it comfortably fits to the Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical series and filters.

Worthy investment:

You can purchase it stand-alone or in a bundle with a manual air relief valve for the similar system. Place an order via e-mail as the shipping weight is around a pound that makes it economical to order from aloof vendor.


Many people who are using the product have shared their positive reviews. One user has mentioned that it is an impeccable replacement part that uplifts the performance of the OEM gauge. It is difficult to find whether cartridge blockages or any other issues can really become the cause of the failure, however, the method of removing and changing the gauge is quite easy and simple and making it manageable to the customers who wish to do it at their own. If you are really concerned for the rain water collecting in and mounting up the pressure, simply drill a tiny hole at the end of the front compartment. Due to the gathering of water, the dial gauges get damaged and become useless over the time. So, it is recommended that the user should always drill in the clear area instead of the black area to compromise with the pressure.

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