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Swimming pools often contain contaminants that are introduced from environmental sources and swimmers. The environmental contaminants include windblown dirt and debris, incoming water from unsanitary sources, rain containing microscopic algae etc. It therefore becomes imperative to install a well-maintained, properly operating pool filtration and re-circulation system.

There are three major types of filters in the market that facilitate filtration of swimming pools.

They are Sand, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Cartridge filters. However, out of the three major pool filters, the one that offers finest filtration available is the Diatomaceous Earth Filters. Also known as DE filters; they are usually comprised of plastic grids that look like waffles that are coated in DE or earth from ground up crustatians. They refine water down to 2-4 microns. There are 2 different types of DE filters - the vertical grid filter and the regenerative filters also known as bump filters. In both cases, the DE powder coats the elements inside, and traps the dirt as the water flows through the powder.

The advantage of using a DE filter comes in the form of its ability to filter the pool water to smallest microns and will keep the water cleaner than a sand filter or a cartridge filter. The DE filters for their proper functioning require DE grid.

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