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SPX1500P Strainer CoverO-Ring

The SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring is a specially engineered to be used with the selected varieties of Hayward pumps and filters. It weighs 2.4 pounds and comes complete with a high quality pump lid O-ring.

A strainer Cover O-Ring is one of themost important parts of any pool equipment that basically acts as a seal to prevent the water from entering the equipment. These mechanical devices are also important for quieter and smoother operation of your pool pump or filter. It also ensures full-flow hydraulics in order to facilitate greater flow involving lower cost ofoperation.

What is an O-ring?

An O-Ring is found in almost all pool equipment like pumps, valves, heaters and filters. O-rings have the capability to seal almost thousands of pounds of pressure without getting deformed. These are designed by applying a mechanical mounting after precise calculation. The mechanical mounting of such measure introduces a predictable deformation of the O-ring, causing a mechanical stress on any surface in contact with O-ring. In such a system, the leaking occurs only when the fluid pressure exceeds the contact stress of the O-ring used.

Maintenance and Replacement

If your pool pump shows signs of leakage or is malfunctioning, a detailed observation may often lead to the conclusion that the O-Ring of the strainer cover requires replacement. A faulty O-ring in your filter or the pump may be causing leakage of air into the system, which may damage the whole equipment over the time. As soon as you see signs of leakage of water loss above ground pool, you may test the O-ring used in the equipment for any fault. Once you get the confirmation about a faulty seal, it is always recommended to replace it immediately with a new one to add more life to your pool equipment.

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