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If you going to purchase a new pump, or pump and filter together, it is VERY important that you choose the right sizing. Choosing the wrong sizing can either under power your systems or overpower it causing significant damage to your filter system and other parts.

If you already have a filter you are going to keep, you might want to choose a pump that will work with you existing filtration system. The chart below is a general guide to help you match a pump to your filter. You will need to know your filter size before you can use this chart. If you look at the label on your filter tank is will indicate the size.

Existing Cartridge Filter Size Existing Sand Filter Size Existing D.E. Filter Size Pump Size to Purchase
150 sq' or less 2.7 cu' 24 sq' or less .75 HP
200 sq' or less 3.4 cu' 36 sq' or less 1.0 HP
300 sq' or less 4.3 cu' 48 sq' or less 1.5 HP
400 sq' or less 5.8 cu' 60 sq' or less 2.0 HP
500 sq' or less 7.0 cu' 72 sq' or less 2.5 HP
600 sq' or less 8.0 cu' 84 sq' or less 3.0 HP


Match up your existing filter size and then see the far right column.


Smaller pumps will work fine on a larger filter. Using a smaller pump will give the filter a longer life and cause less damage. You may need the maximum size pump for your filter based on the chart above if your filter pump is also powering spa jets or your pool volume is large See also the Chart for Filtration & Pool Volume.