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The pool pumps draws water from the pool by spinning an impeller which acts much like a propeller on an airplane. The impeller spins causing a suction which draws the water from the pool into the pump and then discharges the water from the pump. The picture above this section shows an inlet in the front of the pump. This is the suction side of the pump. The outlet on the top of the pump is the discharge side on the pump.

Under the cover lid, which is usually clear, there will be a basket that traps the particles that may have slipped through from the skimmer or main drains such as leaves and large bugs.

Pump you have a pump trap which has a basket that traps small debris and keeps it from clogging the pump. The electric motor behind the pump is what powers and spins the impeller.

The Horse power rating on the pump is what denotes the “power” of the pump. This translates to how many GMPs (Gallons Per Minute) of water the pump will do.