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Lamotte 2977-12-PT Insta-Test 5 Test Strips

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Lamotte 2977-12-PT Insta-Test 5 Test Strips

Code: LAM-2977-12-PT-HZ16

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Water Analysis Kits and StripsOn-site kits use EPA-based methods to test tap water safety in private or public systems. Laboratory certified. No. 3P991 requires samples to be mailed in for laboratory testing.Test StripsMonitor water without reagents or full field kits. Use for drinking water, food/beverage processing, and pool/spa water monitoring.

  • Item: Test Strip
  • Type: Pool 5-way
  • Testing Parameter: Bromine/Alkalinity/Chlorine-Free andTotal/Hardness/pH
  • Range: 0 to 10 PPM/0 to 180 PPM/0 to 10 PPM/50 to 800 PPM/6.8 to 8.4 PPM
  • Testing Parameter Two: Alkalinity
  • Range Two: 0 to 180 PPM
  • Testing Parameter Three: Free and Total Chlorine
  • Range Three: 0 to 10 PPM
  • Testing Parameter Four: Hardness
  • Range Four: 50 to 800 PPM
  • Testing Parameter Five: pH
  • Range Five: 6.8 to 8.4
  • Number of Tests: 50

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