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All about Chlorine Generators

The ever-increasing demand of Salt water pools or chlorine generators has given a backseat to the conventional methods of chlorination. Thats easy to identify from the track of last five years. Here is all you need to know about chlorine generators. Read further to find out reasons for a having a chlorine generator to suit your residential and commercial purposes.

What is a chlorine generator?

A chlorine generator is a device that makes chlorine using electrolysis. It reduces the growth of microorganisms within your pools. It is machined to generate and maintain the right amount of chlorine for over 24 hours a day. A chlorine generator saves you from the hassle to go, purchase and store chlorine in order to have a chlorinated-pool every time.

What all do you get with a chlorine generator?

A pool filter and a pump are provided with a chlorine generator. Sometimes, a chlorine generator functions through their combination.


Chlorine generators hardly need any maintenance. The generator cells should be removed and cleaned on a frequent basis. This clean-up is required mostly at the time of start. As you have removed the cells, start brushing calcium deposits and the use of mild muriatic acid particles. However, the power unit doesnt require any major maintenance. The supplied pool filter is an effective and rugged component. You can easily rinse it and clean it with the garden hose every once in a week. It is also important to toss the filter after every session as rinsing beats it up every time.

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