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Pool Heaters and Accessories - A Must Have Pool Equipment

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Pool Heaters and Accessories-

Why to leave your swimming hobby as the season changes to winters? Now enjoy all the pleasures of your swimming pool by installing best pool heaters offered in the market today. These water heaters are the most important pool accessory that is particularly intended to make the temperature comfortable in every part of the year.

How Does The Pool Heaters Work?

The most common fuels used to start these heating systems include electric, natural gas, solar and propane. It burn fuel to generate heat, that heat is passed through the heat exchanger and then into the water drawn from the swimming pool. Hence, then raising the overall temperature.

Types of Pool Heaters and Associated Accessories:

There are number of water heaters available in the market and every pool heater is manufactured for a particular type of usage. The location and the climate in the area are the most important factors determined while selecting a heater unit. Therefore, it becomes very important to know all kinds of heaters available with their specialized usage mentioned below:

  • Solar Pool Heater

Considered as the owners first choice, the Solar Pool Heater as the name suggest use direct sunlight as its fuel. However, this system also includes electric heat pump or gas pool furnace to create backup for all those non-sunny days. This system typically includes a solar collector, a filter, and a pump for the better efficient working.

  • Electric Heat Pump

The Electric Heat Pump is an expensive power source that uses less power as compared to the natural gas unit. It is composed of several parts that take some space in the pool area. It is observed that the average electricity used by this pump is between $250 and $500 annually.

  • Natural Gas or Propane Pool Heater

This type of heater use natural gas or propane to function, which are not as expensive as the other options while providing quick results. An average annual cost for the fuel of this unit is approx. $500 to $750.

  • Wood Burning Pool Heaters

It is quite similar to outdoor furnaces that burn firewood within a combustion chamber whilst heating water in a circulation pipe. Just like any other heating system it includes a pump for proper water circulation. Moreover, it requires the owner to add fuel every 60-90 minutes.

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