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What is a saltwater system?

A saltwater system basically converts table salt into chlorine and can continually regenerate itself. Saltwater has become one of the most popular water purification systems in recent years because of its ease of use.

Benefits of using a saltwater system

Saltwater does not react as harshly to the skin, hair and eyes as a standard chlorine system saves money in the long-run. Over the period of many years, the typical saltwater system will pay for itself with the cost saving s from buying other chemicals that would have to be used in place of a salt system. Overall, you might not want to consider a salt system just because of the savings. The ease of use and clean feeling of the water, by them selves, are enough to consider getting one. Learn more about salt systems

Something to consider

What most people don't even realize or forget to mention about a salt system is that using salt makes your swimming experience more buoyant. You will find it much harder to swim below water or stay immersed under water because the salt in the water makes you float more easily. If you like to stay under water you better get some weight belts if using a salt system! Depending on how you like to enjoy your pool this could be a benefit or a deterrent to your decision to purchase one. Purchase an Saltwater System Now



What is an Ozone system?

Ozone is an Ozone Generator that uses UV light to deliver the most powerful oxidizer available to pool & spa water. When Ozone is introduced, it automatically removes or alters bather waste as water circulates. This continuous, preventative non-Chlorine shock treatment lowers Chlorine demand and virtually eliminates expensive specialty chemicals, scum lines, and periodic shock treatments. This oxidation treatment results in longer filter runs while producing polished, crystal-clear water. The Ozone system is virtually the same process that your bottles drinking water is put through in order to purify it. Take a look at the label on your bottle water and see if you see the term "ozonation". Ozone not only purifies the water but also, learn more about OZONE

  • Cost savings, fewer chemicals & less maintenance
  • No red eyes or skin irritation
  • No after use showers, shampoos or skin moisturizers
  • Simply crystal clear, healthy and often "pristine" blue water
  • Extended life of pool equipment & longer filter runs
  • No "chlorine" allergic reaction
  • No "chlorine" smell
  • No green hair


Something to consider

Overall, ozone produces about the highest quality water possible, in this author's opinion. Using ozone you can dramatically reduce the need for chlorine. In fact, with an ozone system your chlorine levels will be running at about .5 PPM instead of the usual 2.0 to 3.0 PPM readings. In short, with a properly running ozone system you should not be able to smell or taste any chlorine in your pool. You should not need to shower after swimming because the water should be more pure than your bathroom shower water! Purchase an Ozone System Now




The combination of Ozone and a salt generator produces the best water quality as automatically as currently possible. The pool water is sanitized while the pump is running. Ozone performs the oxidation function to remove non-living bather waste, while most of the chlorine produced by the salt generator provides the disinfectant or biocide to kill algae, bacteria and viruses and a measurable, safety-backup residual. Pool maintenance involves controlling pH, and achieving proper levels of free available chlorine (FAC) and adding salt as needed. The combination of Ozone and a salt generator improves the quality of the pool water thereby providing a better bathing experience allows for easier maintenance of the pool water and allows the usage of fewer chemicals.



What is a Mineral Purifier?

It is a sanitizing system that uses patented mineral-bed technology to provide crystal clear water and improved water quality. Working with the pool filtration system, it uses elemental minerals that combine with a small amount of chlorine to inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate contaminants. Minerals make the water noticeably softer, and less chlorine means a lower potential for red-eye, dry skin or foul odors. With a Mineral Purifier, your swim experience is clean, fresh, and gently soothing. A Mineral Purifier uses precise mineral combinations for its pool and spa treatments. Its Controlled Release Technology provides precise amounts of minerals in the water at any one time, ensuring optimum cleaning and no staining. In pools, silver and copper work in conjunction with the small level of chlorine to destroy bacteria and other organics. Learn more about Mineral Purification



What is an Auto-Chlorinator

This is a devise that stores and distributes a measured about of chlorine into your pool in order to sanitize it. Buy an Auto-Chlorinator now



For supreme water quality that exceeds the highest possible standards by leaps and bounds, you might want to consider using ALL of the purification methods together. It will be the most costly method of water quality management but for the swimmer who wants the very best, this would be the solution for you. Discount offer for purchasing ALL purifications systems together.