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If you are ready to buy a new saltwater system for your pool then its time to choose the right now for you.


STEP 1 - Calculate your pool water volume Know what your pool water volume capacity is so you can choose a system that can handle your needs but not purchase something so large that you will never use it’s capacity and wind up spending much more than you really need

STEP 2 - Determine the size of your new salt system Now that you know your pool water volume, choosing the right size salt system will be easy.

STEP 3 - Choose the brand that’s right for you Choosing a brand will depend greatly on your comfort level with the manufacturer and your budget. Consider searching the internet for blogs and write-ups on the product. To determine its general reliability. ALL the saltwater systems we sell are from tried, tested and reputable manufacturers. Buy a saltwater system now!




While most pool pumps, heaters, filters and general systems are compatible with a saltwater system we recommend that you check with the manufacturer to determine that the system you are buying is compatible with the machinery you already have. Some levels of salt sanitization can become corrosive to metal parts the in the same way high chlorine levels can cause damage and corrosion to your system.