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We are going to start out showing you the comparable differences between the different types of filtration systems and then we will give you our humble opinion.

Type of Filter Quality of Filtration Filter Medium Replacing Parts Maintenance Cost Factor
CARTIDGE FILTER 10 Microns - Good Uses a Paper Fiber Filter/s Replace Elements About 2 to 2 1/2 years Rinse about every 3 to 6 months (Depends on Size) Low
SAND FILTER 40 Microns - Okay Uses Sand for Filtration Replacing Sand about 6 months – 5 years Backwash Every Week or More Low
D.E. FILTER 5 Microns - Excellent Uses D.E. Powder Coated Over Grids To Catch Particulate Replace Grids When They Tear. 1 to 4 Years Backwash About Every Month & Take Apart @ 6 months Highest


Our Humble Opinion

All three filters available have been tries, tested and proven. While the D.E. system filters out the smallest possible particulate (down to 40 microns) and debris, the truth is you are not going to be able to tell the difference between the water quality of a sand filter (5 microns) without the use of a scientific microscope and a degree in microbiology. Form this author’s experience, a cartridge filter is out overall choice because it is the easiest to install, does not use a backwash valve assembly and does not require backwashing, only requires cleaning (depending on the size of the filter you purchase) from 3 – 6 months. Replacement filter elements are relatively inexpensive when compared to replacing the elements of a D.E. grid.

All of the three filters we offer are excellent and you will find a wide variety of opinions as to which one is better or preferred and why. Please take your time and continue to compare the differences.